Updating modded xbox 360

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Updating modded xbox 360

Users with consoles that have been modified are reportedly not having issues according to @LOKIOLR on twitter, ” You want to hear the ironic part.

I have a modded console that updated just fine with the last live update.

To enable a xbox 360 to play backups you need to flash your DVD drive, which involves the modder opening up your 360 and changing the software on the drive. Since Slims are still being made not all Slim models are.

[UPDATE 2] Stephen has commented below clarifying that ” We do not disable consoles. I suspect the support people were reading from some outdated or incorrect documentation.” “But to be clear, we DO NOT disable consoles.

This is due to the TV trying to find the input when the console went into error mode.

Posted By Alex Rubens on May 29, 2011 [UPDATE] I was contacted by Stephen Toulouse (@stepto), Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement, who said “@alexrubens you were given incorrect information. Also, an Xbox 360 owner that has admitted to modding his console claims that he has not been banned. [UPDATE 5] According to users in this thread on Game Trailers.com, the picture is photoshopped and the “Xbox 360, Comp, 480i” box in the corner of the screen means that my console is modified.

[Update 3] Below is a video of Alex trying to update his console and subsequently being hit with the E66 error [Update 4] Several people that have unmodded consoles have contacted Side Questing reporting the same problem as Alex.

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Its not super easy to tell which DVD drive you have inside your slim, but a couple of factors can help.

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