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Meanwhile, Jason hosts a Bible study in an attempt to gain favor with his new coach.

A former Black Panther in South Central Los Angeles teaches a course that brings rival gang members and community outreach workers together to prevent bloodshed in their communities.

If you think you know how to put on lipstick, it’s only because you have never seen Amber Rose do it.

Season 2, Episode 4October 22, 2007Kelly persuades Jason to let her slacker brother stay with them after he's released from rehab; and Melanie tries to make Derwin jealous by making brownies for Malik.

Season 2, Episode 6November 5, 2007Tasha informs Melanie she has one month to find a new place to live; and Melanie makes Derwin think she slept with Malik.

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Also on the premises is a brown Shetland pony, but Rose isn’t sure whether or not it will feature in her bit.